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Pro-Cloud BlueLight’s Workshop Monitoring module allows close management and control of asset repairs. When an asset fails a test, the workshop is alerted for the repair to be processed and the job is assigned to a user which is completed via the mobile app. Workshop jobs can be easily set up on the interface similar to a task that is assigned to stock keeping unit (SKU). When a workshop job has been rasied and assigned to a technician, the tech can complete this activity on the scanner and assign any parts used, labour time spent, and additional items required to that workshop job.

Similar to tasks and tests a questionnaire can also be assigned to ensure the completion of workshop jobs. This allows for extension and customised checklists to be completed.

When a workshop job has been completed by a technician, if applicable (this can be set up in the interface) the job can be set to require sign off. This allows the job to be inspected and the person checking can either fail or pass the workshop job.

Once an item has been taken through the workshop module, it can then be moved back to the warehouse. Move rules can be set up to prevent a movement if an item is in a status that requires workshop attention but hasn't yet been assigned.

Within the interface you can view all the workshop job statuses for e.g. jobs alerted, assigned, pending, completed, passed and failed via the workshop dashboard.

All the data is constantly streamed back to management in 'real time', enabling data to be reported on and efficiencies monitored within the workshop.


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  • Measure actual repair costs compared to estimated.
  • Monitor asset repair times.
  • Identify repair and replace patterns.
  • Manage workshop resource by alerting personnel with incoming repairs.


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