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Pro-Cloud BlueLight offers VoIP cloud based phone systems to customers that need to improve their telephony service, which enables phone calls to be made and received wherever an internet connection can be accessed, whether in or out of the office.

The service is very scalable depending on market sector and business size, and can be integrated across other internal systems if required.

With the telephony service you can:

•  Keep your existing number or obtain a new one
•  Keep track of messages via voicemail and email integration
•  Record calls
•  Dial any number by a simple click of a button
•  Manage all your company conference calls and customise welcome messages when calls are arranged
•  Link your mobile and office extension number
•  Configure transferred calls by department
•  Enable web calls



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Comprehensive Online Portal

With the backend online portal you can manage all your inbound calls, alterations to extensions and system features at both a business and user level. All this data will result in a suite of reports, with key communication statistics that can be used across your business.


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