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Maintaining, inspecting and testing equipment is paramount to the safety of your staff and the community. Pro-Cloud BlueLight’s test scheduling procedures ensure that assets are safe, usable and remain on the rig, not hidden from visibility throughout station workshops.

This module allows you to create and assign test activities to assets and personnel at the click of a button, which are configurable to your service’s requirements. Each task and test can have premade questionnaires relating to each asset, along with notices to indicate any PPE wear required to perform the task.

This modules aim is for management to gain a panoramic view of their entire service and associated workforce, clearly highlighting what work has been completed and when. Once tasks and tests are completed, all results are displayed in ‘real time’ on the Pro-Cloud BlueLights dashboard, revealing which tests have passed, failed or are incomplete. This allows management to fully analyse failure trends and make better procurement decisions based on these results.


  • Ensures all assets are tested and inspected when required.
  • Ensures all test results are fully logged and audited in real time.
  • Fully configurable task and test management with test questionnaire and photographic evidence features.
  • Task board calendar overview for improved management visibility of asset task and testing schedules.
  • System alert capabilities such as test fail notifications.
  • Full reporting capabilities to identify trends in test failures.
  • Full reporting for legal and statutory requirements.
  • Ensures all health and safety legislation is met (inbuilt PPE alerts)
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