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Helping you make the right decision by delivering fire service software demonstrations

Physical and digital marketing are the initial points of contact for selling your product across any industry. Brochures, leaflets, websites, blogs and social media are the primary ways of capturing the attention of your audience while also keeping costs low. Hard copy marketing can be bright, bold and captivating, making a clear statement that this is the product we’re selling to you. For any company you can get these written and designed to send out through your distribution channels. They cast a wide net and give a great general sales pitch that will try to incite as many people and companies as possible to find out more information.

These avenues are great to get the ball rolling and answer basic questions but it will only take you so far on the journey of saying yes.

At some point after flipping the brochure a few times and browsing a website you need more detail. You need to talk and interact with someone who has in-depth knowledge about how great the product is and why you should take the leap and buy it. First step is to call the sales team so you can begin to convey exactly what it is you’re looking for in a software solution. This is a good way to get down to those nitty gritty details. However despite all your questions and being told all about the extra bells and whistles included, you’re still undecided whether it’s right for your organisation.

At Creative Software Solutions (Europe) Limited we go the extra mile. We like to help you make a well informed decision before investing in our business critical, asset and fleet management software solutions. We understand that this is a potentially large investment and change for your business and not something to be taken lightly, which is why we offer software demonstrations on all of our products.

65% of the population are visual learners

And this number continues to grow quickly. In the developing digital world we enjoy sharing videos on YouTube
Visual Learner Pie Chart
and photographs across Instagram, Snapchat and Twitter. Our trust in a product is deepened by a video review and we retain information better having seen it rather than reading or listening to it.

Our software demonstrations are a full-force step in that direction. Why tell you what our solutions can do when we can show you everything you want and need. The Business Development Team at Creative Software Solutions (Europe) Limited are already putting in the miles across the UK to provide software demonstrations to several organisations. We deliver software demonstrations to potential new clients and also existing ones who may be interested in new modules and features. With a visit to your base of operations your important personnel are able to attend the demo and provide vital input. Alternatively your team can visit our offices in Lichfield, Staffordshire where we can show you how our solutions will benefit your company

We think the best way to get a feel for anything and put doubts to rest is, as they say, see it in person.

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