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Reduce your overheads and operational costs with customised pre-printed labelling. Pre-printed labels created by our team here at CSS will eliminate the need for your staff to electronically create and print labels for all equipment.

Once the labels have been attached to a product all you will have to do is scan the asset tag, which will automatically locate the product from the catalogue provided by your service on go live.

•  Decrease involvement from your IT team
•  Reduce overheads
•  Save expenditure on hardware
•  Increase productivity
•  Improve security
•  Track equipment 24/7
•  Comprehensive product information



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Tagging Preferences

Labelling is paramount when tracking equipment effectively. All asset tags will have a built in unique asset identification number, meaning you can track and trace products throughout their complete life cycle. We know that organisations have their own tagging preferences, which is why we provide options, including RFID tags, QR codes and barcoding.
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Printed information

Once chosen you can decide what and how much information you want printed onto the label. We will endeavour to print the labels and forward them onto you, it really is that simple!


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