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Automate your fleet operations for accurate, real time data, fleet efficiency and cost savings.

Our Fleet Management module can be connected to your Asset Management module to create a single platform for managing all your service’s asset and fleet activities in one place. This allows management to combine the services assets with their fleet seamlessly and removes the need for numerous systems working in isolation.

Pro-Cloud BlueLight raises the bar on fleet management, bringing instant visualisation to your owned, leased and hired vehicles on an intuitive dashboard. All vehicle information is logged and audited from the date it is brought into the service through to the day it is decommissioned. Pro-Cloud BlueLight covers all areas of fleet management including:

•  Vehicle scheduling (MOT, Servicing, Inspections)
•  Accident management
•  Fuel management
•  Vehicle and driver behaviour tracking by smart phone app or in-built vehicle trackers

Through the use of our advance telematics device, fleet efficiency indications and vehicle tracking links seamlessly into Pro-Cloud BlueLight’s Fleet Management module. A device is fitted to each vehicle in a fleet, which instantly transmits the data required, linking back to Pro-Cloud BlueLight in real time.

The telematics device will transmit the following:
        •  Engine load
        •  Engine coolant temperature
        •  Fuel pressure
        •  Intake manifold absolute pressure
        •  Engine RPM
        •  Vehicle speed
        •  Timing advance
        •  Intake air temperature
        •  MAF air flow rate
        •  Throttle position
        •  Run time since engine start
        •  Distance travelled with malfunction indicator lamp
        •  Fuel level input
        •  Distance travelled since codes cleared
        •  Barometric pressure
        •  Control module voltage
        •  Absolute load value
        •  Hybrid battery pack remaining life
        •  Engine oil temperature
        •  Engine fuel rate


  • Driver behaviour capture via mobile app or vehicle tracker.
  • Vehicle monitoring for improved fleet efficiencies.
  • Complete accident management logged and audited for insurance purposes.
  • Photographic evidence options for vehicle inspection verification.
  • Easy reporting on single vehicles or your full fleet.
  • Enterprise solution managing fleets across all stations in real time.
  • Easy import of historical data for mandatory vehicle compliance.
  • Seamlessly integrates with Pro-Cloud BlueLight’s asset management module.
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