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Pro-Cloud BlueLight’s core Asset Management module brings to you complete control and real time visibility of your catalogue of assets across your entire service. By making use of the asset tree structure, asset locations & sub locations within Pro-Cloud BlueLight, it makes managing your complete catalogue of assets simple and easy to visualise.

We use labelling technology to track and trace all assets with automated unique ID’s allocated to each asset. Pro-Cloud BlueLight is compatible with a multitude of barcoding solutions including, QR codes, RFID, GUID, NFC and GS1 numbers.

Pro-Cloud BlueLight’s labelling technology works with a range of scanning and mobile devices, view our hardware brochure for available options.

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  • Fully audited asset cycle from ‘goods in’ to ‘decommissioning’ of assets.
  • Simple and extensive search facility when locating your inventory.
  • Seamless integration with both internal and external systems.
  • Real-time updates to the status of assets.
  • Complete control of stock levels.
  • Simple migration of legacy data to our Pro-Cloud BlueLight solution.

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